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Renal Failure Symptoms page covers the causes, signs, symptoms and treatment, along with what you can do to fight kidney disease.

Renal Failure Symptoms

Causes Of Renal Failure:

Also known as kidney disease, renal failure consists of 2 main types, acute and chronic.  Causes of the acute disease include surgery complication (over 50%), pregnancy, burns, pancreatitis, severe bleeding, heart attack, other diseases.  Chronic Renal Failure is gradual and usually more difficult to treat.  Causes of the chronic disease include kidney stones, lupus, atherosclerosis, gout, diabetes, cirrhosis, hypertension and other long-term conditions.

Signs And Symptoms Of Renal Failure:

Acute signs and symptoms include nausea, vomiting, anorexia, confusion convulsions and coma.  Chronic symptoms include high blood pressure, drowsiness, diarrhea and anemia.  This is a good one to try to prevent with a healthy lifestyle (see what you can do below).

Treatment Of Renal Failure:

Since most cases of acute renal failure are a result of surgery, or other serious medical conditions, in-patient treatment with dialysis (blood filtering) and intravenous feeding are common until kidney function is restored.  Often, out-patient dialysis along with a high carbohydrate diet are prescribed.  In severe cases a kidney transplant makes sense if the other conditions suggest the patient would benefit.  Since most people function well with just one kidney, transplants are fairly common. 

What You Can Do About Renal Failure:

The best thing to do is to arrange your lifestyle and nutrition to avoid the medical causes of chronic Renal Failure (listed in causes above)  This includes a low fat diet and aerobic exerciseQuit smoking and keep your coffee below 4 cups per day (for espresso drinkers...that's one shot).  To help fight the causes of this disease supplement your diet with natural Multi-Vitamins and Multi-Minerals, along with extra doses of the following:

Antioxidants; including Beta Carotene, Flavonoids, Vitamin A, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and CoQ10.
Lipoic Acid; at least 200 mg divided into 2-3 doses per day.
Organic Germanium; 300-450mg divided into 3 doses a day.
Fiber; 12-15 grams extra from vegetable sources or supplements.
Omega 3; 3 per day, 1 at beginning of each meal.
Lecithin; taken with the Omega 3.
Vitamin B Complex
Garlic; 3 cloves per day.
Drinking Clean Water; 2-3 quarts daily.

Of course, always seek and follow your doctor's advice. 

Complete Healing:

We both know there are no guaranteed cures, whether in medicine, nutrition, herbs or anything else.  Complete healing...including mind, body and possible, from God.  If you want God's help with your health problem, go to Healing From God.

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