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What Are The Advantages Of Drinking Water covers the benefits and amount of water we should drink, along with tips and advice on how to get clean water.

What Are The Advantages Of Drinking Water?

Drinking Water Advantages:

    1.  Drinking water cleanses your body and fights disease by washing away toxins.
    2.  Drinking water provides energy and stamina.
    3.  Drinking water activates fiber, helping prevent atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes and other diseases.
    4.  Weight loss diets don't work without enough water.
    5.  Drinking water helps replace oxygen lost due to allergy and lung disorders, like asthma and emphysema.
    6.  Drinking water helps prevent or relieve digestive conditions, like colitis and constipation.
    7.  Drinking water helps prevent or relieve organ diseases, like kidney stones, prostatitis, cirrhosis and hepatitis.
    8.  Drinking water helps prevent or relieve other diseases, from acne and Alzheimers to thyroid problems and Varicose veins.
    9.  Drinking water helps relieve the common cold and flu.

How Much Water Should I Be Drinking?

A healthy adult should be drinking 2-3 quarts (8-10 8oz. glasses) of treated clean water every day.  If you're physically active or if you're suffering a cold or flu you may need more.  An easy way to tell you're getting enough water is when your urine is almost clear.  You should not drink more than a gallon of water.  If you're an athlete or do full-time heavy labor, instead of drinking more than a gallon of water, you should add a "sports drink", like Gatorade, to replace essential nutrients.

How Do I Make Sure I'm Drinking Clean Water?

Clean, treated water is essential to good health.  Most places in the World have relatively clean bottled water available, but this gets expensive.  Even the best water supplies have additives that kill bacteria and provide other public benefit.  Well water should be treated before you drink it.  There are many different types of water treatment systems available at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.  The best are carbon block systems and reverse osmosis systems.  Even if you're a renter, many portable filtration systems are available.  These systems effectively remove water pollutants and the chemicals used in treating drinking water supplies.  Make sure the system is approved by the NSF International before you buy it.

How Do I Get Living Water?

As we discuss in Mind Body Spirit, we are more than physical beings.  All 3 need to be healthy for any one to be healthy.  As important as drinking water is to the body, living water is to the spirit.  You can only get living water from God.  If you want to be completely healthy, visit Healing From God.

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