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Find the serving size and calories per serving of the most common food...fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats and seafood.  We've also included hundreds of pages of nutrition information.

Food Calories List

This list of food calories provides the normal serving size and caloric values per serving of the most common bulk foods, especially fresh fruits and cooked fresh vegetables.  While we provide calorie ranges for meat, seafood and dairy items, it's best to get the specific calories and serving size from the nutrition labels or from the bulk deli, fish, or meat counter personnel.  This nutrition information is specific to the food you purchase, and is required to be made available to you.

List Of Calories in Food:

Food Calories Per Serving Serving Size
Cheeses 107-114 1 oz
Eggs 164 1 large
Meats 239-287 4 oz boneless
Milk, whole 159 1 cup
Poultry 229-268 4 oz boneless
Seafood 194-235 4 oz boneless
Apple 130 1 large
Avocado 125 1/2 medium
Banana 110 1 medium
Cherries 100 1 cup
Citrus 45-80 1 cup
Grapes 120 1 cup
Melon 80 1 cup
Peach/Plum 80 1 cup
Pear 100 1 medium
Strawberries 70 1 cup
Tomato 35 1 cup
Asparagus 30 7 spears
Beans 27 1 cup
Broccoli 35 1 cup
Carrot 30 1 medium
Cauliflower 55 1 cup
Celery 15 2 med stalks
Corn 90 1 ear/1/2 cup
Cucumber 20 1 cup
Leafy Vegetables 20-50 1 cup
Mushrooms 55 1 cup
Onions 45 1 medium
Potato 150 1 cup
Radish 25 1 cup
Squash 40 1 cup

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