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Selected Teachings Of James Allen includes five of his most popular.  James Allen died almost 100 years ago, but many of his teachings are still well known.

Selected Teachings Of James Allen-Review

Selected teachings of James Allen:

This book is actually 5 books.  The first, "As a Man Thinketh" is his most popular book.  It was a major influence in my life, helping me move from selfish ambition to helping others.  I've used his teachings more than 18 years.  These other four books are just as inspiring and powerful:  "The Way Of Peace" "Above Life's Turmoil" "Byways To Blessedness" and "The Path Of Prosperity."

I found myself highlighting almost every line, and finally, just accepted that each line had value.  James Allen was a British philosopher and poet.  Most of his works were written between 1900 and 1912, when he died.  Philosophy today is primarily theoretical whims of thought.  James Allen's are useful, disciplined, productive, and cut right to the heart of life's issues.  It's clear from his writings, James Allen was well educated in the great religious teachers and the great thinkers, many of whom he quotes verbatim. 

The four books I've just finished have led me to new insights into myself and things I need to improve.  Be prepared to be opened up and revealed to yourself as you read his books.  If you have any circumstance you wish to improve in your life, you must read Selected Teachings Of James Allen.  Make sure you're ready to take notes, because these short books are packed with useful information.

Book Reviews For Selected Teachings Of James Allen: 

Selected Teachings Of James Allen-Review

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