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Book review of Above Life's Turmoil by James Allen.  Key features include temptation, attitude, justice, discipline, contentment and more.  Book 3 of Selected Teachings Of James Allen.

Book Review- Above Life's Turmoil By James Allen

Key Features of Above Life's Turmoil:

Imagine if there were a way to be unaffected by the ups and downs of life be a tree in the storm, rather than a leaf.  This is the power over live that James Allen describes in Above Life's Turmoil.  He gives us practical methods to control our temptations, beliefs and attitudes and use them to build a powerful life, based in justice, reason, discipline, contentment and peace.

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Life Improvement:

There will be obstacles and struggles, no matter what part of our lives we feel we need to improve.  Some of these barriers seem impossible. The good news is, there is help from the Designer of life...God.  If you want His help, just click on God Help Me.        

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