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The Fitness Video Resources directory covers sources of exercise, jazzercise and fitness videos (VHS, CD or DVD) and related information or reviews. 

Fitness Video Resources

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Fitness Video Resources - The?Fitness Video Resources directory covers sources of exercise, jazzercise and fitness videos (VHS, CD or DVD) and related information or reviews.
Types Of Aerobic Exercise - The Types Of Aerobic Exercise page discusses the difference between anaerobic and aerobic, explains why both are needed, and gives types of exercises and exercise equipment that have aerobic value.
Video Fitness: consumer guide to exercise videos - Video Fitness contains reviews of over 1000 exercise videos by consumer reviewers, plus advice and motivation from a large community of home exercisers.

Resource Categories

Addiction Treatments And Recovery (6) - The?Addiction Treatments-Recovery directory covers websites that help with alcoholism, codependency, drug abuse, food, gambling, porn, internet, spending and other addictions.
Family-Health Insurance Plans (3) - The?Family-Health Insurance Plans directory covers websites that provide medical or dental insurance information or individual, family and group insurance coverage.
Fitness Video Resources (3) - The?Fitness Video Resources directory covers sources of exercise, jazzercise and fitness videos (VHS, CD or DVD) and related information or reviews.
Health Food-Recipes Online (1) - The?Health Food-Recipes Online directory covers sites with healthy recipes, health foods and related information to help you cut calories, fats or carbs in your diet.
Health Information Resources (12) - The?Health Information Resources directory covers websites offering books, videos, education and training on exercise, illness, diets, nutrients and other health and fitness issues.
Herbal Nutrition Supplement Resources (8) - The?Herbal Nutrition Supplement Resources directory covers sites offering products and information on beneficial herbs and herbal supplements, concentrates, topical ointments and other natural treatments.
Home Fitness And Exercise Equipment (6) - The?Home Fitness And Exercise Equipment directory covers resources for home gyms, treadmills, stationary bicycles, other fitness equipment and related information.
Medical Help And Treatment Websites (4) - The?Medical Help And Treatment Websites directory covers online resources for doctors, dentists, clinics, hospitals and other sources of medical treatment.
Mental Health Help And Treatments (5) - The?Mental Health Help And Treatments directory includes websites covering doctors, clinics, hospitals and other resources to treat mental and emotional illness.
Nutritionist And Herbalist Resources Online (5) - The?Online Nutritionist And Herbalist Resources directory includes websites to locate certified herbal and nutritional services or offering these services online.
Online Pharmacy Resources (2) - The?Online Pharmacy Resources directory covers sites that include a pharmacist and offer prescription drugs online. Before ordering medicine, please make sure the site requires a prescription and is licensed to dispense medications in your area.
Other Health And Fitness Resources (7) - The?Other Health And Fitness Resources directory covers health and fitness related sites that don't fit into our more specific categories.
Senior Health Care Resources (5) - The?Senior Health Care Resources directory covers websites providing support, advice, services and information relating to elder health issues, like long term care, nursing, Medicare, etc.
Vitamins-Minerals-Nutrition Supplements (15) - he?Vitamins-Minerals-Nutrition-Supplements directory covers sites offering products and information related to vitamins, minerals nutrients and other nutritional supplements.
Weight Loss Systems And Diet Resources (9) - The?Weight Loss Systems And Diet Resources directory covers sites that offer products, support and information on diets and other weight loss systems.

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