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The Types Of Aerobic Exercise page discusses the difference between anaerobic and aerobic, explains why both are needed, and gives types of exercises and exercise equipment that have aerobic value.

Types Of Aerobic Exercise


Aerobic simply means 'with air'.  When an exercise or activity is described as aerobic, it means the conditions allow your body to replenish the needed oxygen (air) to the muscles being exercised.  Anaerobic means 'without air'.  When we say an exercise is anaerobic, it means the exercise is so strenuous it uses oxygen faster than your body can replenish it.  Visit Define Anaerobic Activity And Exercise for more information.  The current page focuses on aerobic exercise.

For total fitness, we need both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.  Both burn calories, reduce blood sugar, and are useful for weight loss.  Anaerobic exercise builds muscle and is needed so you can perform heavy jobs, like lifting things, running away from danger, take a steep hike, etc.  It also helps with the symptoms of some diseases (like arthritis and osteoporosis).  Some people use it to get that rugged, buff look, but I'm jealous of them.  Aerobic exercise is needed to strengthen heart, lungs, immunity, lower blood pressure, maintain good cellular health and help prevent or control major diseases (like diabetes, cancer, atherosclerosis, asthma, emphysema, sciatica, constipation, etc). 

Types Of Aerobic Exercise:

Aerobic exercise is the easiest and the most beneficial.  If you feel you need to choose between anaerobic and aerobic exercise, choose aerobic.  It can be as simple and inexpensive as taking a fast walk for 30 minutes, 3-5 days per week.  Other types of aerobic exercise include swimming, jogging, stationary bike riding, rowing, aerobic dancing (jazzercise), jumping jacks, jumping rope, and lifting light weights, quickly, for a sustained period of time.  In order to get the full aerobic value, the exercise should be sustained for 30 minutes total. 

Imagine that...2-3 hours per week could add as much as 15 healthy years to your life and make the other years much more healthy, pleasant and productive.

Aerobic Exercise Note:  On the days I do my 2.5 mile fast walk, I'm more relaxed, more productive, have better concentration and have lower blood sugar.  That more than makes up for the 30 minutes it takes.  Glen

Types Of Aerobic Exercise Equipment:

Aerobic exercise equipment comes in all shapes, sizes and price ranges, the cheapest and easiest is a pair of walking or cross-training shoes for your aerobic walk.  When buying shoes for exercise, get name brand, expensive may just save you in knee hip or ankle surgery expenses.  Choosing The Right Exercise Apparel  Some of the middle-range exercise equipment includes stationary bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, stair-steppers, etc.  If you want to get more sophisticated, and pricey, there's NordicTrack and all the electronically assisted equipment that simulates uphill climbs and monitors your blood pressure, heart rate, calories burned, along with charting your whole routine and uploading to computer software that tracks your total fitness program...PC or Mac, of course.  For me, I'll take the walks!  If you want more equipment but don't want to spend the money, go to garage sales.  I guarantee you will find a wide variety of almost new aerobic exercise equipment at less than a tenth of the new price.  

Health And Fitness For Life:

If you're looking to improve your health and fitness, you probably want a healthy life...including mind, body and spirit.  You can renew your mind and spirit with God's help.  He can heal the stuff your diet doesn't control.  If you want His help, go to Healing From God.

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