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Symptoms And Treatment For Arthritis page covers the causes, signs, symptoms and treatment, along with what you can do to fight this disease.

Symptoms And Treatment For Arthritis

Causes Of Arthritis:

Arthritis is a very painful joint disease consisting of two primary types:  Osteoarthritis usually happens as we grow older and is caused by wearing out of joints due to use, abuse, inactivity and some diseases.  Rheumatoid Arthritis can strike at any age and is believed to be due an infection which results in swelling and damage to one or many joints...even to the heart, lungs nerves and eyes. 

Signs And Symptoms Of Arthritis:

Both forms:  Joint swelling, pain, tenderness, redness.
Rheumatoid Arthritis:  Fever, fatigue, Anorexia, weight loss, anemia, tremors, early morning stiffness.

Treatment Of Arthritis:

There are many drugs available to relieve the pain and swelling of both types of Arthritis and some which are effective against the suspected cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Always be careful with these medicines because of potential side effects and possible interactions with other drugs, herbs and nutritional supplements you may be taking.  Make sure and read the full information sheet and ask your doctor to explain anything you don't understand. 

What You Can Do About Arthritis:

Try to lose excess weight to reduce joint stress.  Reduce your salt and sodium intake because many Arthritis medicines cause water weight gain.  Carefully increase your aerobic exercise.  Always discuss your diet, exercise and supplementation plans with your doctor to make sure you're not creating harmful complications and interactions.  To help fight Arthritis and to overcome deficiencies caused by medical drugs you can supplement your diet with natural Multi-Vitamins and Multi-Minerals, along with extra doses of the following:

Antioxidants; including Beta Carotene, Flavonoids, Vitamin A, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and CoQ10.
Lipoic Acid; at least 200 mg divided into 2-3 doses per day.
Organic Germanium; 300-450mg divided into 3 doses a day.
Omega 3; 3 per day, 1 at beginning of each meal.
Vitamin B Complex
Garlic; 3 cloves per day.

Complete Healing:

We both know there are no guaranteed cures, whether in medicine, nutrition, herbs or anything else.  Complete healing...including mind, body and possible, from God.  If you want God's help with your health problem, go to Healing From God.

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