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Attitude And Health discusses how mental attitude impacts physical health.  Find useful advice, resources, tools and techniques to improve health and fitness through attitude control.

Attitude And Health

How Attitude Affects Health:

Ever imagined yourself in an argument with someone, being attacked, being ridiculed in public?  How did you feel physically?  How long did it take for the physical feelings to stop after you stopped imagining?  What goes on in your mind is very real to your body.  Anyone having gone through puberty knows mental images can cause very real physical reactions.  I won't bore you with statistics, but accept that it's been proven what you spend your time thinking about has a lot to do with your health.

From indigestion and insomnia, all the way through heart disease and cancer, mental attitude affects them all.  We believe this is because of the mind's influence over the's far stronger than most people imagine.  "Scared to death" has been known to be a reality for centuries.  Strong, negative mental attitudes, such as hate, anger, fear, lust, depression, loneliness have strong negative impacts on our actual physical health.

My brother had a wife of 22 years and 2 children when she decided she wanted a divorce.  They had had normal problems in the past, but my brother thought they had a pretty good life, a home, a rental, a garden plat, frequent family vacations, money for school and any other need they could imagine.  3 years after they left, my brother lived in the same empty house, with the empty nails still in the walls, which had hung the kids' room decorations.  That year, though he had maintained excellent physical fitness since his childhood, he died of cancer...age 51.  I used this extreme example to tell you no one will convince me the cause was anything but an attitude change.

Our thoughts are very real things that can do grave damage or great good, depending on how we use our minds.

Using Attitude To Maintain Health:

Knowing attitude affects health is a powerful weapon in our health and fitness arsenal.  If we change how we think, we can gain far better control over diet, exercise...even prevent disease.  I don't know when most of my fears disappeared, but I can tell you I have far fewer illnesses because of it.  We've probably all experienced a time when we were emotionally down and got a serious cold or flu.  This was not coincidence.  As  teenager, I felt ignored by my family and thought, "if I was sick they'd have to care for me."  Within a week I had pneumonia.  When our attitude is in the pits, we are less able to fight off the "bugs" that are regularly attacking us.  If we believe and see ourselves as healthy, thin and full of energy, we're far more likely to stay on a program to achieve that result.

We take control of our attitude by refusing to allow harmful influences into our lives.  We do not allow negative people, movies, news, etc. to influence our thinking.  We may need to avoid them, at least for a while and replace them with uplifting  programs, people, music, reading, etc.  We replace harmful fears, anger, etc. with faith, forgiveness, confidence thoughts.  Eventually, the new, positive thoughts take root and produce a new, positive reality.  Part of this reality is better physical health.  Have trouble believing?  Try this for 3 weeks and see if you don't already feel better?

Using Attitude To Fight Disease: 

Many have changed their attitude and healed their illnesses.  This is one major area where many in the medical community are catching on.  about 3,500 years ago, a wise man wrote "Laughter is like medicine."  If you have a disease, take control of what you can.  The more serious the disease, the more you should take laughter seriously...and all other positive influences on your attitude.  People have often done with attitude what doctors could not do with medicine.

My mother got emphysema from smoking at age 64.  She grudgingly accepted her oxygen and drugs, fought to lose weight, exercise and do several hours a week of volunteer work.  She lived another 15 happy, productive years.  My sister got the same disease for the same reason at age 58 and gave up...she was gone at age 62.  It's all about attitude!

Believe in you...believe you can...believe you will...fight the doubts by acting as if you can.  No matter what has happened in the past, no matter what illness is afflicting you right now, there is nothing more positive than your future...if you will just believe.  If you're having trouble mustering the faith required to change your attitude and your health, maybe the Author of faith can help you.  Just visit Healing From God for the help and healing you need.

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