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Learn the definition of attitude, along with steps to use attitudes to improve your whole experience of life.

The Definition Of Attitude

It' a difficult chore to give a proper definition of a topic so universal and so important as attitude.  This one concept can leave us at the end of life full of regrets or completely satisfied.  Attitude can define and shape every experience of life.  It's essential to learn what attitude is, and isn't, as early as possible.  In the following paragraphs, we'll investigate the definition of attitude, why it's important and how to control it to our greatest benefit.

Don't Give Me Any Of Your Attitude:  This is a popular phrase, used mostly by a parent, usually directed at a teenager.  I mention this to explain why it isn't attitude.  The parent is reacting to a set of behaviors (one of which may be rolling of the eyes).  Behaviors are not attitudes, but they reveal attitudes for those paying attention.

The Real Definition Of Attitude:  Attitudes are unseen, and often unexamined motivations deep within our minds.  We all develop these deep motivations so early, we're unaware of the process.  Some have suggested that even unborn children are learning attitudes, based on the emotions displayed around them.  As we grow, emotional events are recorded in our minds with great importance, forming unconscious motivations for almost every action and reaction later in life.  As we live, our experiences either reinforce or alter these motivations.  Most of these attitudes are so deeply imbedded, we never have to think of them, but they drive how we think and act, almost like remote control.

Attitudes are more obvious under stressful situations, during conflict and under the influence of chemicals, like alcohol.  Ever wondered why you behaved badly under a certain condition?  My violent father would break things and then hit people when in conflict.  Though I vowed never to be that way, I discovered (by destroying our coffee table) that my father had programmed my attitude.  Fortunately, I was reading about attitude at the time, so I had, and used, the tools to see to it this never happened again.  This article is to pass those tools to you.  Your attitudes shape every action and reaction you have in life.        

What Attitude Can For You:  This is one of the most powerful keys, that every life situation is driven by attitudes. We can control them and use them to literally change our whole experience of life, from one of false starts, conflict and failure, to ever-improving successes.  Our relationships can improve in amazing time.  Our performance at work can be improved.   We begin to see possibilities where we used to see roadblocks.  Addictions fall away into our past, never to return, because we no longer have an addictive attitude.  What if there was nothing in between you and your greatest dream of achievement?  There is nothing...but our attitudes!  If it's good and legal and harmless and you dream of doing it, no one can stop you except you.  It's our motivating thoughts and emotions that make us think someone or something is stopping us.  If our attitudes were changed so we understood this resistance we're getting is there to make us stronger and better able to do what we dream, everything would change.  Stop signs would become stepping stones toward a whole new reality.  This is the reality, if we choose to control our attitudes.   

A Mental New D.E.A.L. How To Control Your Attitude:

Dream as big as you can about all the things you want your life to be.  My Mom used to tell me not to get my hopes up.  Get your hopes up!!!  How can we expect to get anywhere our hopes haven't been?  Dreams are the magnets that draw us to a satisfying life.

Eliminate limiting thoughts with positive thoughts and plans to achieve your dreams.  Our self-talk needs to change as well as our actual talk.  Everything we think, say, and do impacts our attitudes.  If we want to be motivated towards the positive accomplishment of our dreams, we must discipline everything we think, say and do.

Act on your new, positive plans.  Dreams without action are frustrating fantasy.  It doesn't matter how small the action begins as long as we're taking concrete steps toward our dreams.  As we go, we can increase our actions and efforts until we're all in.  Yes, all in!  Put everything you have in every action you take toward your dreams.

Learn from setbacks, conflicts and failures, to adjust attitudes and actions.  Here's where stop signs become stepping stones.  People with an attitude of failure will use some circumstance along the way to turn their backs on their dreams.  People who are reprogramming their attitudes toward success will see opportunities, here, to learn, grow, gain strength and find another way to get the job done. 

As I start to sum this up, I'm worried that I've made it seem so simple it can't possibly of be true.  You can read hundreds of books and attend dozens of seminars, to get the same information, only expanded with illustrations, examples and exercises.  You'll learn that, either way, the results are the same, as reliable as the sunrise (established by the same Designer).  I was once told that people won't value a thing unless it has a high price.  The value (and price) of controlling your attitude is in the doing of it, in the effort and discipline it takes.  Once you start, you'll discover the price is high, but fair.  If you feel there should be a large financial cost on top of this, well, that's just a matter of attitude.  We can negotiate if you'd like.

If you're looking to improve your attitude, you can get help from the Designer we discussed.  He can help you renew your mind.  If you want His help, go to Healing From God.

How do you control your attitude?

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