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Anxiety Depression And The BAR Cycle discusses the causes, symptoms, treatment and self-help for anxiety and depression. It's possible to climb out of this pit.

Anxiety Depression And The BAR Cycle

For those of us who have fallen into the anxiety depression cycle, life starts to seem hopeless...pointless.  We fear the consequences of every possible step up, so choose to take no steps.  Sadly, the lack of effort guarantees the very failure that was so greatly feared...the unnecessary destination for those who suffer from anxiety and depression.  Whether the cause is a physical condition or psychological issues, you don't have to live this way.  You can turn the same cycle that got you there upside down, and use it as a ladder to climb out of the pit.

Physical Causes And Treatments:

Anxiety and Depression are often, but not always, due to physical conditions in your body.  Mental illness is really an illness of the physical part of your body called the brain.  Anxiety and depression are often diagnosed together and often from the same root physical causes...chemical imbalances that make it difficult for your brain to process emotions (like fear) properly.  Like all mental illness, this looks like a behavioral problem, but it's related to physical conditions.  Some of the causes can be diet, allergy, diabetes, yeast infection, hypoglycemia, smoking, lack of physical exercise, thyroid problems, addictions, and many others.  These conditions, when treated properly, can often reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression.  Sometimes the physical causes can't be isolated and may be due to unresolved psychological issues.  This "chicken-or-egg" scenario between physical and psychological causes is pointless to debate.  The symptoms of anxiety and depression can be treated with medication while the related psychological issues can be treated through counseling.  Once you resolve the causes, the treatments will become unnecessary over time.    

Physical Self-Help:

Because some of the causes of anxiety and depression are physical, there are things you can do physically, to help relieve these mental illnesses.  While you should definitely see a professional if you feel you may suffer from mental illness, professional treatment can be greatly helped by doing these easy things:  Quit smoking.  Get regular aerobic exercise.  Eliminate any addictions.  Eat a balanced diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Get tests for diabetes, hypoglycemia, allergies (especially food allergies), thyroid, and yeast infections.  Drink lots of water.  It may sound odd, but all these things impact your brain chemicals.  Exercise is probably one of the most important, because it causes your body to produce powerful chemicals, called endorphins, that naturally relax you and give you a sense of well-being.     

Falling Into The Anxiety Depression Pit:

This pit usually starts with non-specific feelings of  fear (anxiety) that cause us to lose confidence, make mistakes or bad decisions, confirming the thing we feared.  Then, incident-upon-incident, the lack of confidence intensifies until we're unwilling to even try.  It continues to build on itself until we're doing less and less.  We find it difficult to make the decisions necessary to do our jobs.  Then we can't seem even to get to our jobs on time.  We start being "sick" more often, and eventually quit or are fired.  As the "failures" and fears pile up, eventually we can come to a place where we just don't feel that trying is worth the effort...depression has set in.  We're convinced we will fail and, by not trying, we confirm those convictions.  Some people go through years of half-efforts as if to guarantee enough failures to justify giving up in their minds.  While drugs can correct some of the chemical imbalances and symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, until we deal with the irrational thoughts that brought us here, nothing will cure us.  The sad news and very good news are one in the same...the very real circumstances of anxiety and depression were brought about by irrational imagination.  Why is that good news?

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