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Symptoms Of Anxiety-Attack offers help, tips and techniques to manage, overcome and recover from anxiety, without drugs in many cases. Se what anxiety sufferers are using to recover.

Symptoms Of Anxiety-Attack

Anxiety is a chronic 'fear' disorder that limits our ability to carry out normal functions of life.  It's often accompanied by acute panic episodes called attacks, which is why some people refer to anxiety attacks.  If you want information on panic attacks, visit Panic Attack Symptoms-Treatment.  Some anxiety disorders, called generalized, can't be related to a specific event or situation.  Most anxiety disorders are related to and accompanied by a specific fear or phobia, such as social anxiety or performance anxiety, etc.  If you want to know more about phobias, visit List Of Phobias-Phobia Cures.  Many people are tempted to minimize anxieties and fears, saying, "It's all in your mind."  What they fail to see is that everything we experience (love, house, family, job, money) we experience only in our mind.  Our minds don't distinguish between what is 'real' and what is 'imaginary'.  That's why anxiety can be as harmful to us as any other disease.  For more information, here are the most popular books on symptoms and management of anxiety attacks

Anxiety can cause toxic levels of adrenalin in our blood and acids in our stomachs.  Ulcers are common, along with hypertension, heart attack, stroke and asthma.  Just like the other fear disorders, alcoholism, drug abuse and other addictions are used to try to dull the negative emotions...but only deepen them.  Anxieties cause us to be somewhat unstable...decreasing our rational judgment and exposing us to greater danger.

"What I feared has come upon me." Job...3,500 years ago

Anxiety disorders are real and have serious health consequences.  They also have serious life consequences.  People suffering from anxiety limit themselves to "protect" themselves from the imaginary danger.  A good friend of mine won't visit our house since we moved into the country.  One of his anxieties is related to open spaces...except for emergencies, he won't leave the city.  People with social anxiety often just avoid people.  Those with performance anxieties avoid situations where they have to perform in any number of ways, speaking, singing, taking tests, etc.  There is no way to measure the cost in lost opportunities for someone suffering from anxiety.  That's why, if you have an anxiety, it's important you fight it with all you've got.  You can start right on this page. 

Signs And Symptoms Of Anxiety:

At age 29, I suffered a panic attack brought on when my career success pushed me into an area which revealed fears and anxieties I was unaware of.  I suffered from performance anxiety, fear of people and fear of failure.  My performance anxiety was so strong that eventually, I (subconsciously) undermined my own career to take the pressure off.  Any time I had to brief a group of people, whether the setting was formal or informal, I suffered severe distress.  I vomited before several meetings.  I was always jittery, sweaty, feeling I was in great danger, trapped.  The more I did these things, the less discomfort I felt, but we'll get into that under anxiety management help.

Anxiety has, essentially, the same signs and symptoms as panic attacks, only more gradual and longer lasting.  Where panic comes on you with shocking speed, anxiety wears you down over days of distress. It's hard to imagine a disease of the imagination can cause such feelings as shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, heart pounding so hard you can feel and hear it, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, feeling of despair and danger.  If you suffer from these feelings regularly and at times when no one around you senses danger, investigate the possibility that anxiety is your problem.

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