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Symptoms Of Anxiety-Attack-2 concludes the help, tips and techniques to manage, overcome and recover from anxiety, without drugs in many cases. Se what anxiety sufferers are using to recover.

Symptoms Of Anxiety-Attack

Continued from Symptoms Of Anxiety-Attack

Cause Of Anxiety:

What causes us to do these things, anyway?  Unfortunately, the causes of anxiety vary widely.  Some of the most rare and severe cases are caused by brain chemical imbalances and can only be treated with medicine.  This is rare!  Always get more than one opinion if someone quickly offers medicine as a solution...especially if there was no thorough physical examination.  That's because many anxiety problems, especially generalized anxieties and seasonal anxieties, can be caused by such common physical conditions as poor diet, low blood sugar, menopause, puberty, excessive coffee or alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, etc.  See to it your doctor rules out the potential physical causes before giving you medicine.  Most anxieties linked to a specific fear, like performance anxiety or social anxiety, usually are rooted in a negative experience in the past.  I suspect my performance and social anxieties had to do with my alcoholic father who was drunk at every family social event and expected us kids to perform (sing, play instruments, etc.) to entertain the guests.  What happened next depended on the quality of our performance and the quantity of alcohol he had consumed.  This hasn't eliminated my anxiety, but it has helped me put it in a perspective that makes it easier to manage.   

Anxiety Management:

We've already learned in the above paragraphs that medicine can help, but should be a last resort, after the physical causes have been treated.  Here is a website from a friend in the UK that offers a natural anxiety and panic cure.  The natural solutions, such as good diet, exercise, etc. should be used instead of or along with any prescription anxiety treatment.  Other natural solutions are available to help you mange your anxiety and reduce or eliminate any need for medicine.  All of them revolve around changing the mental environment so the anxiety doesn't last and isn't as distressing.  Here are some natural solutions:  Remind yourself that you are in no danger.  Practice deep breathing.  Do 10 jumping jacks.  Read from a joke book.  Remember the root cause of your anxiety.  Face the thing you fear and do it regularly until the feelings are under control.  Find a hobby that takes your mind off of your anxiety.

I got help from God to do the things I feared until anxiety no longer controlled my life.  If you want God's help, just click on Healing From God.

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