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List Of Phobias-Phobia Cures helps you understand, manage and defeat fear to live a normal happy productive life. We'll look at the definition, causes, effects and cures of common phobias.

List Of Phobias-Phobia Cures

Definition Of Phobia:  Our problem isn't that we have these uncomfortable feelings called fear or phobia, it's what those feelings do to us.  We feel threatened by people places situations and things that are no threat to us at all, sometimes so threatened that these fears plunge us into depression. When we dream about doing things that would be pleasant or productive, fear comes in and squelches those dreams.  Fear interferes with healthy relationships and causes us to imagine and react to conflict that isn't there, creating the very conflict we imagined.  Fear and phobia causes us to always focus on the worst possible outcome to any situation.  For more information see these recent most popular books on fear and phobia symptoms and cures

"I have been through some terrible times in my life, some of which actually happened." M.Twain

To see how widespread this fear is, think about how effective terrorism has been in the recent fears expressed in the United States over anthrax mail.  It was 5,000 times more likely for us to die of the flu, but fear caused many to throw out their mail unopened, caused the Post office to spend billions for sanitation equipment, and caused many in our government and the media to cower and hide.  But it was a relatively normal level of fear that caused all these things.

It's the abnormal levels of fear we're all here to learn about.  Fear that paralyzes us, causes us to be indecisive, unproductive and depressed, freezes our lives and relationships and causes us physical illnesses, such as asthma, hypertension, stress disorder, heart attack.  These are the levels of fear we've experienced, you and I.  I remember when I left the Federal Government to build a sales business full time, I was frozen in fear of failure and the fear of success.  I spent 3 days in bed, in the fetal position, crying and cowering.  For the next year, I was limited in my business activity, not by time or capital, but by fear.  In fact, I can trace this back all the way to my childhood, choosing things, not based on my interests, but because I feared what others would think or do or how it would look if I failed.  For most of my marriage I constantly asked my wife what was wrong because something had to be.  I asked her if she was mad so often, she got mad.  It was all just my fear and worry.

"Don't worry about what others think of you...They don't!
They're too busy worrying about what you think of them."  Rich DeVos

Fears and Phobias come in all shapes and sizes.  Here are some common ones: 

List Of Phobias (fear of):

The Dark-Nyctophobia
Public speaking-Glossophobia
Hydrophobia-Fear Of Water
Closed Spaces-Claustrophobia
Open Spaces-Agoraphobia

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