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Forgiveness And Health examines the relationship between forgiveness and anxiety, stress, depression, even many physical conditions. Learn how forgiveness can speed your recovery, improve your health and empower your life.

Forgiveness And Health

While Eastern medicine has long understood the strong relationship between health and forgiveness, it's not commonly accepted in the modern Western culture.  We in the West want a pill to make the hurt go away, and our medical industry makes $ billions trying to meet that demand.  Yet, whether we're talking about anxiety, depression, grief, stress, abuse recovery, addiction, eating disorders, even many physical illnesses, like cardiovascular diseases...pills are often only useful to mask the symptoms.  In many cases, non-forgiveness over some event in the past is either the direct cause or a major contributing factor in the disease or condition.  In fact, forgiveness is often needed before recovery is possible.  

Forgiveness Is Recovery:

This is because resentment ties us psychologically to the hurtful person and event, compelling us to mentally replay the hurt over and over, deepening and widening the emotional scars until there is no escaping the feelings of powerlessness, victimhood and abuse.  Such emotions bring on psychological dysfunctions and pour chemicals into our blood systems that reduce our ability to fight off physical illness.  When we exercise forgiveness of this person, it's an exercise of great power on our part.  It releases us from being bound to them and the wrong they did us.  Forgiveness isn't about's about us making a choice to live above such harmful feelings.  Because it's about us, the one we're forgiving doesn't have to apologize or even admit to having done anything wrong.  We're not doing it for them! 

Forgiveness Is A Condition:

We often confuse forgiveness with trust, thinking we can't forgive someone because it would set us up to be hurt again.  Obviously, particularly in the case of certain forms of abuse, trusting someone who has hurt us can set up further abuses and even encourage the person to repeat and escalate the abuse.  Forgiveness isn't trust.  Instead, forgiveness is more like wellness, peacefulness and calmness...a state of being.  In this state, it really doesn't matter what was done to us in the past.  We've let it go!  This doesn't mean we've forgotten, as the old adage "forgive and forget" suggests.  We can't learn from the past if we keep forgetting the painful episodes.  Just like trust, forgetting an offense may set us up for more such offenses.  Forgiveness is just  the emotional condition created by releasing past hurts every time we remember, allowing us to put our thoughts and emotions to more productive uses.

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