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Learn how to workout and get in shape without expensive equipment, weights, or even a gym membership.

Workout Without Weights

OK!  People like stuff!  When it comes to working out, women like easy stuff and guys like macho stuff.  Now, I've lost most of you.  The ones that are left, please forgive me and read on.  You don't need all the stuff, the gym membership, the equipment...not even the weights...just the will.  In fact, a workout can be fun, entertaining...even sexy, and still get you to the fitness you want.  Now, I'm not a licensed fitness expert or a doctor, so definitely see a professional before you make any changes in your fitness program.  I'm just an average guy who, a little overweight, but getting stronger and more fit day by day, using common sense and chores around the house.  You may have to be a bit more inventive, because we have 20 acres around the house. 

Strength Training Without Equipment:

It's interesting to see all the weights and other strength training equipment people believe they need to be fit.  Don't get me wrong!  If you're into body-sculpting or competitive weight-lifting, this article isn't for you.  You sure don't need all that to be fit, though.  I do my strength training on my legs, just walking up and down the hill we live on...of course, I'm usually carrying rocks, dirt or tree branches.  What can you do if you don't find a hill?  Stop using shopping carts, start parking furthest from the store, ride a bicycle to work, take the stairs instead of the elevator, do shallow knee bends and leg lifts during commercials, use resistance band exercise.  You can see I'm into common sense and saving money.

Along those same lines, upper-body workouts are just as sensible, using resistance bands or other household items.  Think you need a pair of 5# dumbbells?  Why not use 2 litre plastic bottles filled with water?  I know a little ingenuity and you can add handles.   Want more weight?  How about 1 gal milk bottles?  Here's the point...pretty much everything you would do with expensive weights, you can do with stuff around the home.  We'll do more of that later.   

Aerobic Training Without Equipment:

Here's a multi-page report on a very good book about aerobic walking.  Aerobics requires no weight for fitness.  In fact, if you're using weights other than your body, you may not be getting everything you can get from aerobics.  In fact, here are a number of  aerobic exercises you can do around the home.  So, an aerobic workout is probably the easiest fitness activity to do without weights.  Here's a whole body strength exercise combined with aerobics...replace your gas, power-drive mower with a push-mower.  Now, that's a workout!

Stuff You Already Know:

Now, I'm gonna be a little mean by reminding you of stuff you already know about working out without weights.  Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, jumping-jacks, running-in-place, toe-touches, leg-lifts, windmills, etc.  Remember all those boring exercises they made you do while in school?  You don't need a gym teacher or a set of weights.  You can do them right now.

Just Like Eating, Exercising:

We can and do get into al kinds of detail about nutrition, but In Defense Of Food is a book based on nutritional simplicity, "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants."  The author, Michael Pollan, makes a great case for a well-balanced diet from a variety of natural, fresh and locally-grown foods, as the only way to be assured of getting everything we need.  As important as nutrition is to fitness, this is not about nutrition, but working out.  Just as we need a variety of foods to get all of our nutrition, we need a variety of workouts to get our muscle fitness. 

Sadly, our workout routines are now a lot like what we hear about nutrition...this one is good and that one is bad.  Eat more fiber, less your abs, then your pecks, etc.  When we do a wide variety of workouts, we're far more fit, if less sculpted. 

People think I'm crazy, but I made a 75' exposed aggregate concrete walkway by hand-mixing and finishing one 50# bag at a time, three a day.  I built a 100', 2,000sf driveway by moving 20 tons of dirt and rock with a shovel and compacting it with a 20# hand compactor.  I'm 54 years old and use these workouts as my daily exercise routines to fight diabetes, asthma and hypertension.  My current project is a 700sf concrete basement bag at a time.  I'm getting fit and saving thousands of dollars at the same time.

If you'll look around the house and use some common sense, you can find everything you need to workout without weights.  I'll leave you to figure out how to make workouts around the house "sexy.'  You'll get in shape, save money and turn chores into a fitness program.  That's what I call total workout.

If you're improve your fitness, you probably want a more healthy life.  You can renew your mind, body and spirit with God's help.  If you want His help, go to Healing From God.

What common-sense fitness workout routines do you use?     

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