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Our BMI Calculator-Indicator can help you determine your general health condition and health risks, as well as set weight goals for dieting.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Health Indicator

The BMI can help you identify certain general health risks and set reasonable weight goals for dieting purposes.  As an indicator of health, if the BMI calculator shows you to be obese or underweight, you should seek your doctor's advice as to possible health conditions.  Also visit Weight Loss Tips for information on eating disorders, diet, exercise, etc.  You should understand that the BMI is a very general guideline that doesn't take into account fat/muscle ratio, rapid weight change, sex, pregnancy, frame size or other variables that may affect what is "normal" for you.

BMI Calculator:

BMI Calculator-Health Indicator

Waist Size And Current Health Risks:

By adding your current waist size, along with your height and age to the BMI Calculator, you can get an idea of what your current health risks are.

Adjustments For Sex And Frame Size:

Use a tape to measure around your wrist just below the hand, then, with your height and wrist size, check the charts below to see if you have a small, medium or large frame:


Wrist size: Under 5'2" tall 5'2"-5'5" tall Over 5' tall
Under 5.5" small small small
5.5-5.75" med. small small
5.75-6.0" large small small
6.0-6.25" large med. small
6.25-6.5" large large med.
Over 6.5" large large large


Wrist Size Under 5'5" tall Over 5'5" tall
Under 6.0" small small
6.0-6.5" med. small
6.5-7.0" med. med.
7.0-7.5" large med.
Over 7.5" large large

Adjustments:  To determine your optimum (goal) weight, input your current height and age, then guess your goal weight until the Calculator (above) results are at the center of the normal range.  Then adjust the weight by these amounts: Male +10%, small frame -10%, large frame +10% to get your optimum weight.

Health And Fitness For Life:

If you're looking to improve your health and fitness, you probably want a healthy life...including mind, body and spirit.  You can renew your mind and spirit with God's help.  He can heal the stuff your diet doesn't control.  If you want His help, go to Healing From God.

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