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Tobacco Facts helps you understand tobacco addiction and learn how to quit smoking. Find support, encouragement and facts on how to quit tobacco and live smoke free.

Tobacco Facts

How To Quit Smoking Tobacco:

On this page, we cover the most common and successful ways to quit smoking and consider some of the advantages and disadvantages.  Any of these methods will work if your reason is strong enough.  If you're still looking for a reason visit Why Quit Smoking.  The only things to consider here are the speed, relative discomfort and the possibility of trading one addiction for another.  These books will give you Facts On How To End Tobacco UseAs you'll see, there are huge differences between the methods. 

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey:

This is by far the fastest method and by far the most uncomfortable.  Frankly, if you were the cold turkey kind of person, you probably wouldn't be reading would have already quit and moved on.  When you quit smoking like this, all the discomfort is focused on a short period of time.  To understand the discomfort you might experience, visit What Happens When You Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Using The Aversion Method:  In this method, you literally punish yourself every time you want a cigarette.  This could be by biting your lip, pinching yourself or, my favorite, putting a rubber band around your wrist and snapping it.  You can still have the smoke after you have experienced the pain.  The theory is that, over time, the pain will become your smoking experience so you will gradually want to smoke less.  I'm sure if I had been properly motivated, this would have helped me quit, but once I snapped myself for a day or so, I quit...snapping myself.  Obviously, this adds a degree of pain to the discomfort of withdrawal.

Quit Smoking Using The Pacifier Method:

This method is based on the theory that smoking is a psychological replacement for Mama's breast.  You replace cigarettes with toothpicks, popsicle sticks, gum, sunflower seeds, or even unlit cigarettes until you no longer want to smoke.  I think every smoker has tried some version of this, and, many have succeeded.

Quit Smoking Using Support Aids:

We get into the details of the various aids methods on our Quit Smoking Support page.  Many, including myself, have found quit smoking aids very helpful, if, for no other reason, they just help get past the fear of quitting. I would just be cautious about the drug aids.  There is a strong chance you could become addicted to the drug instead of, or in addition to smoking.  Still, they've had good success with these. 

Quit Smoking By Tapering Down:

This way gradually reduces your nicotine intake over a few weeks and then has you quit.  The strength of this method is that you have eliminated most of the physical withdrawal by the time you actually stop lighting up.  A number of aids can be used to control the taper down process.  This can be effectively combined with the pacifier or aversion methods.  Variations of this method have probably been the most effective quit smoking programs.  The main complaint most have is that it prolongs the withdrawal symptoms.  I used a variation of this that tapered down using graduated filters, then an herbal gum as a pacifier after I quit.  Once I decided and stuck to the plan, I was very surprised at how easy it was.  I quit in Oct. 1989 after smoking 2-3 packs per day for almost 20 years.

You may wonder why I didn't include the various herbal, aroma and hypnosis methods.  The reason is, I haven't heard of a single success from anyone not making money by promoting the method.  I include them in the Quit Smoking Support page, just incase you want to give them a try. 

Finally, sometimes we need more help to quit smoking than information, aids and methods provide.  Smoking is an addiction.  Like any other addiction, sometimes it requires healing the underlying cause before we can end the addiction.  Addiction is caused by an emptiness or low self-esteem that causes us to use substances to try and fill the void.  The only One who can fill this void in us is God.  If you want help from God, visit Healing From God.

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