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Quit Smoking Support offers aids, tools, products, links and information to help you beat the addiction and quit.

Quit Smoking Support

As you've probably already discovered, there are many different quit smoking support aids, each with their own success claims.  We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these on our Tobacco Facts page.  The purpose of the current page is to explain the various aids so you can make an intelligent decision about using any.  These books will give you Facts On How To End Tobacco UseWe've also included links to any manufacturer's descriptions and sources to purchase these aids so you won't put off your decision to quit.  Some of the aids can help you with the discomfort described at What Happens When You Quit Smoking.  As long as you have a strong reason to quit, any method will work.  You can strengthen your reason on the page Why Quit Smoking.  So, let's get started quitting:

Quit Smoking Support Drugs:

These aids pacify you while you quit smoking by providing you with nicotine or other drug to reduce cravings for cigarettes, so you can stop smoking without missing the addictive drug.  Then, we expect, you withdraw from the drug.  The two main quit smoking chemical aids are nicotine gums and lozenges and nicotine patches.

Other quit smoking aids drugs include pills, injections and anti-depressant drug therapy, all provided through your doctor.  Be careful when using drugs as quit smoking aids because you can get hooked on the drugs instead of, or in addition to the smoking. 

Natural Quit Smoking Support: 

These aids pacify you while you quit smoking by introducing relaxation herbs to reduce the effects of nicotine withdrawal. 

Quit Smoking Support Gadgets: 

These items aid you in managing your quit smoking program.  There are many different styles and methods, again, with many claims of success.  Use your head!  Here are some of the Quit Smoking Support Gadgets And Programs.

Other gadgets include herb grinders and vaporizers and graduated filters (I couldn't find the product I used).  To do what I did, you could use an herbal lozenge, gum or inhaler as a pacifier for the psychological habit and one of the electronic taper-down counters.

Finally, sometimes we need more help to quit smoking than information, aids and methods provide.  Smoking is an addiction.  Like any other addiction, sometimes it requires healing the underlying cause before we can end the addiction.  Addiction is caused by an emptiness or low self-esteem that causes us to use substances to try and fill the void.  The only One who can fill this void in us is God.  If you want help from God to quit smoking, click Healing From God.

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