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Find out if you have a physical symptom of alcoholism, what your health risks are and what to do about it.  If you got this far, it's important to get the answers now.

Alcoholism Physical Symptom

Sometimes, people who drink get a glimpse of the possibility they might have a problem.  Back when I was drinking, if someone would suggest I had a problem, I would jump to my own defense and respond with denial.  If I looked for a physical symptom of alcoholism at that time, it would be to prove my accuser wrong.  What I realize now is that this very behavior was a symptom of alcoholism.  I knew I had a problem long before I did anything about it...I was in denial, trying to fool myself into thinking I didn't need to quit.  Whether you're here to fool yourself or to really find proof of alcoholism, you'll find help here.  I want to challenge you to look further than physical symptoms, though, because often, by the time undeniable symptoms exist, there are many health problems, and some incurable.

Physical Symptoms Of Alcoholism:

Physical symptoms of early alcohol damage include a strong desire to drink, hangovers that occur weekly or more often, red eyes in the morning.  Physical symptoms of a more advanced alcoholic include frequent indigestion, occasional passing out, occasional vomiting, occasional tremors, occasional bed-wetting, occasional blackouts or lost time and drinking before or during work.  Advanced physical symptoms include weight loss, inability to keep food down, occasional vomiting of blood, occasional hallucinations, and frequent passing out, tremors, vomiting, bed-wetting and blackouts.  End-stage includes frequent vomiting of blood, yellow skin and eyes, brown urine and inability to carry out daily activities of life.  Any of the above symptoms should be of concern.  Obviously, if you have more than a couple of these, you need to get help to quit.

Other Symptoms Of Alcoholism:

The real early symptoms of alcoholism are behavioral, not physical.  If we wait until we have physical symptoms, much damage can be done that's difficult or impossible to undo.  We can lose family, career, friends, health, all because we denied the problem until we had physical symptoms.  Here's an alcoholism signs and symptoms test you can take to find out if you're at risk long before you have enough damage to show physical symptoms.  The possible health risks are really too huge to let this go.

Health Risks From Alcoholism:

Let's get liver cirrhosis out of the way, since it's the first disease commonly associated with alcoholism...did I mention fatal and incurable?  Then there's stroke and heart attack due to the high blood pressure...that's how my alcoholic father died.  My favorite is type II Diabetes brought on by the high sugars and terrible diet alcoholics consume.  It's my favorite because that's the one I have.  In addition to stroke, blindness and loss of limbs, diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure.  This is just a short list of the many diseases alcoholism can lead to.  Now you know why I say you should not wait for physical symptoms before you quit drinking.

Help For Recovery:

If you came to this page to find out if you're an alcoholic, let me tell are.  If you're asking the question, you already know the answer.  You have already experienced some of the symptoms listed here and, if you took the test, this is not a surprise.  The next question you need answered is, "What do I do about it?"  Our page, Alcoholism Recovery Help, can get you started down the road to recovery.  If you got to this point in the article, you know you need to take action now.  Don't put it off!  If you wait until physical symptoms show up, you're risking a serious and possibly incurable disease.

If you're looking to recover from addiction, it often takes more than treatment or 12 steps.  Sometimes you need healing from God...the key to the 12 step program.  If you want His help, go to Healing From God.

Share your alcohol story, get help and help others.

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