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Vitamins-Other explains why the letter-number system started and why it is not as common to assign letters and numbers now.


The word "vitamin" means vital for life.  As scientists discovered nutrients that were vital to life, they assigned letters.  As knowledge increased, it was determined that some of these nutrients were not vital and so, became ignored, leaving spaces (like vitamin f).  Each letter was also known by the vitamin's function in the body, so, it began to make sense to assign numbers representing other nutrients that performed similar or supporting roles in the body.  That's why there is only one vitamin C, but so many Vitamin B's (B-1 through B-17 at my last count).  Of course, over time, many of those were found not to be vital, leaving blanks in the numbering system.  PABA, for example, was discovered and assigned as B-10 and then found not to be vital.  We continued to use the alpha-numeric system out of habit, despite its weaknesses.

Over time, many of these vital nutrients became known by their name and properties, rather than an arbitrary letter or number.  Many others were best known by their classification, like Vitamin D (actually more than one vitamin).  Confused?  So is everyone...So much so that there is disagreement as to which letter number combination represents which nutrients in some cases.

That's why many have started using the nutrient name even for those nutrients that have numbers.  For example, Niacin, in most cases, isn't known as B-3.  In hope of avoiding confusion as much as possible, we've included both the alpha-numeric classification and the names in our titles.

It seems this classification system will outlive your humble author, but, at least we have some understanding as to why the system is so hard to understand.

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