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Dietary Mineral Supplements pages provide tips to choosing mineral supplements, health information on individual minerals, and links to more information and sources for dietary supplements.

Choosing Dietary Mineral Supplements:

There are many sources of mineral supplements...some good...some...well, you get the idea.  If you're going to put something in your body, why would you want to take a chance by just getting the cheapest?  Good dietary mineral supplements include concentrated plant materials with no time release or wax coating, enabling easy digestion.  Bad ones are just synthetic chemicals, often with wax or time release coatings that make them attractive, but not digestible.  Any synthetic minerals added to the plant materials in good supplements are "chelated" to ease digestion. Chelation, to minerals, is like sanding a wood surface so it holds paint.  Without it, certain minerals just slip through your system.  Bad supplements don't bother with this expensive process.  Good multi-mineral supplements do not include Iron, because Iron would neutralize the Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc in your digestive system.  Iron should be taken separately.

Finally, as you may have guessed, a good dietary mineral supplement is expensive.  Isn't that the case with everything worthwhile? 

Health Information On Individual Minerals:

The following pages include benefits, food sources, symptoms of deficiency/toxicity, recommended amounts and other information for individual minerals:

List Of Calcium Rich Foods

Facts About Chromium

Copper Deficiency-Toxicity

Foods High In Iron

Magnesium Facts-Sources

Deficiency Symptoms Of Manganese


Facts About Selenium

Zinc Facts-Deficiency-Overdose 

Health And Fitness For Life:

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