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The Molybdenum page provides information and resources to learn the benefits, food sources, deficiency-toxicity symptoms, and supplement recommendations.


Benefits And Uses For Molybdenum:

Molybdenum is concentrated in the liver, kidney, bone and skin.  It has been associated with a reduced incidence of cancer, and balancing female hormones to control PMS

Deficiency Symptoms Of Molybdenum:

Molybdenum deficiency has not been linked to any specific symptoms.

Toxicity (Overdose) Symptoms Of Molybdenum:

These include diarrhea, stunted growth, bone abnormalities, and anemia.  Excess Molybdenum can cause Copper deficiency.  

Foods High In Molybdenum:

Grains, beef liver, beef kidney, eggs, milk, green leafy vegetables, sunflower seeds, potatoes, yams, legumes.

Supplements Of Molybdenum:

The recommended amount of 75 mcg per day is easily obtained from a normal diet.  A natural multi-mineral supplement can ensure sufficient Molybdenum in the event of an abnormal diet.  We recommend any additional supplementation be under doctor supervision.

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