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Glucose support herbs discusses the natural herbal treatments for diabetic blood glucose.  It may be possible to control your blood glucose, avoid medicines and prevent complications for diabetes for many years.

Glucose Support Herbs

Many people, and doctors, follow the "no you can't have anything with sugar in it" approach to type II Diabetes treatment.  Obviously, we diabetics need to manage our blood glucose by exercising daily and watching all carbohydrates in our diets, including sugar.  Still, it's possible for most diabetics to manage our glucose by eating a normal diet, exercising and enhancing our diets with herbs and other nutrients known to control blood glucose levels.  Many of us can avoid diabetes medicine for years by use of herbs, diet and exercise.

Cinnamon-The Glucose Support Spice:

Possibly one of the most significant scientific discoveries has been the finding that cinnamon helps control blood glucose and lipids, both controlling diabetes and helping to prevent the many serious complications of the disease.  For people with diabetes, 1-6 grams of cinnamon per day may reduce blood glucose 18-29%, triglyceride 23-30%, LDL cholesterol 7-27%, according to the National Institutes Of Health NIH.

Other Herbs For Glucose Support:

For centuries, people have been using herbal remedies for the symptoms of diabetes.  The most common herbs involved have been Black Currant, Basil Leaf, Gymnema sylvestre and Bitter melon extract.  You can find many varieties of supplements that combine the most common herbs and many now that include cinnamon.  Foods and herbs high in antioxidants can also help control blood glucose, cholesterol, and other chemicals known to cause diabetes and diabetic complications.  Just make sure you don't load up on the fruits and high sugar vegetables.  We should add Dark Chocolate to this list, but make sure you use sugar-free chocolate.

Herbs That Help Prevent Complications: 

Organic Germanium, found in garlic, shitake mushrooms, aloe vera, and comfrey, doesn't necessarily alter blood glucose, but it helps control blood lipids, which contribute to diabetes complications, such as stroke, cardio-vascular disease and kidney failure.  Gingko Biloba can help prevent complications of type II Diabetes that arise from poor blood flow, such as blindness, kidney failure and others.

By finding a combination of herbs, diet and exercise, it may be possible to control your blood glucose, avoid medicines and prevent complications for diabetes for many years.  Of course, always check with your doctor before taking herbal remedies or changing, medicine, diet or exercise. 

Health And Fitness For Life:

If you're looking to improve your health and fitness, you probably want a healthy life...including mind, body and spirit.  You can renew your mind and spirit with God's help.  He can heal the stuff your diet doesn't control.  If you want His help, go to Healing From God.

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