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Herbal Nutrition Supplements pages provide tips to choosing herbal supplements, health information on individual herbs, and links to information and sources for herbal nutrition.

Herbal Nutrition Supplements

Choosing Herbal Supplements:

While finding a good multi-vitamin-mineral supplement is fairly easy, herbal supplements are a little more complicated.  Some herbs are easy enough...garlic, for instance.  The quality and potency of many herbs varies widely, depending on the processes used.  Sadly, some manufacturers use parts of the plant that are of little value, or contain toxins.  Others are even less honorable.  Also, some herbs have side effects and drug interactions that may also be harmful. 

To make sure you're getting what you want in an herb and what you need, follow a few steps:

1.  Know the reason you need the herb.
2.  Learn the benefits, side effects, interactions and useful parts of the herb (see individual herbs below).
3.  Be familiar with other vitamins, minerals, herbs and medicine you're taking.
4.  Seek professional advice from a qualified doctor or herbalist.
5.  Find suppliers with referrals from people you trust.
6.  Choose large, well-known manufacturers.
7.  Read label and all manufacturer information and ask questions until you're satisfied you'll be receiving a pure extract of consistent potency, from batch to batch.
8.  Once you're happy with a certain herbal formula, don't switch and assume everything will be the same. 

Health and Nutrition Information On Individual Herbs:

The following pages contain benefits, cautions, side effects and supplementation recommendations for individual herbs:

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Angelica Plant Uses
Belladonna Uses
Bilberry Help Cataracts?
Black Cohosh Side Effects
Black Tea Health Benefits
Blessed Thistle
Bloodroot Uses
Bromelain Pineapple
Burdock Root Taiwan
Catnip Smoking-Effects
Celery Seed Benefits
Centella Asiatica-Gotu...
Chamomile Benefit
Chlorophyll Research
Cinnamon Health Benefits
Comfrey-What Is It?
Damiana Benefits
Dandelion Leaves-Root
Dark Chocolate Benefits
Echinacea Side Effects
Ginger Health Benefits
Gingko Biloba-Effects
Ginseng Side Effects
Glucose Support Herbs
Hawthorn Berry
Health Benefits Of Herbs
Horehound Herb
Licorice Root Benefits
Sarsaparilla Definition
Valerian Root Side Effects

Health And Fitness For Life:

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