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Does Chondroitin Work provides information and resources to learn the benefits, food sources, deficiency-toxicity symptoms, and supplement recommendations.

Does Chondroitin Work

Benefits And Uses For Chondroitin:

Based on pretty strong clinical evidence, Chondroitin can significantly relieve pain, increase mobility and reduce need for drugs in people suffering from osteoarthritis in knees, spine, hips, fingers, etc.  Tests for other uses and treatments have not been as conclusive.  Chondroitin is usually manufactured from shark or beef cartilage and usually taken with another cartilage derivative, Glucosamine.  Here are some best-selling books that help answer the question, "How does chondroitin work?" 

Deficiency Symptoms Of Chondroitin:


Toxicity (Overdose) Symptoms Of Chondroitin:

Chondroitin appears top be well tolerated, but there is little long term information.  Allergic reactions (hives, rash, sun sensitivity and increased asthma severity) have been reported. 

Foods High In Chondroitin:

High cartilage animal parts, like joints, feet, nose and ears.  All beef hot dogs are probably the best food source readily available.

Supplements Of Chondroitin:

Taken alone, 1,200 mg per day (best broken into 3-400 mg doses) taken over a 3-6 month period has shown significant results.  No dosing information available for combination with Glucosamine.  Make sure the supplements are produced by a reputable, well known company.  Please consult your doctor before you begin supplementing Chondroitin.  Once you've done that, here are the most popular sources of chondroitin supplements

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