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Foods Containing Choline page provides information and resources to learn the benefits, food sources, deficiency-toxicity symptoms, and supplement recommendations.

Foods Containing Choline

Benefits And Uses For Choline:

Choline is used by the body for memory, to transmit nerve signals, to produce Lecithin, produce hormones.  It's been used to treat memory loss and cognitive diseases and to help in the treatment of liver diseases and alcoholism.  Since Choline is manufactured in the body and has no associated deficiency symptoms, it shouldn't be classified as a Vitamin (vital for life).

Deficiency Symptoms Of Choline:

None reported in humans.

Toxicity (Overdose) Symptoms Of Choline:

Normal Choline consumption, even reasonable supplementation should produce no toxicity symptoms.  Massive supplementation for clinical treatment may produce dizziness and diarrhea. 

Foods Containing Choline:

All foods contain Choline.  Thos with high concentrations are organ meats, buttermilk, egg, barley, corn, oats, buttermilk, cabbage, potatoes, yeast.

Supplements Of Choline:

No daily recommended amount of Choline due to its availability in the food supply and manufacture in the body.

Health And Fitness For Life:

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