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Depression-Signs-Symptoms-Cures-2 completes the solutions if you or a loved one suffers from depression. Learn the signs, symptoms, cures take a Signs Of Depression Test to see if you need further help.


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Cause Of Depression:

In the most general sense, depression is the result of either a sense of loss or a sense of lack.  In the case of loss, it's usually from a traumatic grief event...loss of a loved one, a job, a home.  See the Grief And Loss Recovery for more information.  The grief is sometimes so severe that the resulting depression ends in death.  It's good to monitor a grieving loved one to make sure they pass through depression within a few months and with few of the symptoms listed at Signs Of Depression Test.  I've known people who literally willed themselves to death after the loss of a loved one.  Depression can set in even once you've accomplished a major goal.  I knew it was coming, but once I finished building my house I was depressed for a couple weeks.  In the case of lack, depression is brought on by the person feeling powerless over the situations of life...that they can do nothing to improve their lives.  These feelings of lack can be caused by poor diet, poor exercise, puberty (very common), menopause, pregnancy, drug or alcohol abuse, diabetes, hypoglycemia, or an actual brain chemical imbalance, etc.  This is why a complete physical is so important.  The feelings of lack can also be brought on by life experience...if we had a parent or spouse that told us we were worthless for a number of years, we would begin to think they were right.  If all our friends thought they were 'losers' we would begin to feel like a loser ourselves.  Now you know one of the reasons to be careful who you hang around.

He who walks with the wise grows wise." Solomon, about 2,400 years ago.

Once you've done a thorough investigation into the cause, you're in a position to know how to deal with depression, begin treating it and overcoming it to live a normal, happy life.

How To Deal With Depression-Treating-Overcoming:

Treating depression successfully depends a lot on knowing the cause.  Shy away from anyone who says their medicine, vitamin, herb or treatment works in all cases.  On the other hand, you may need medicine to manage the symptoms of depression while you and your doctor work on the other causes. If your depression is brought on by a physical condition, the good news is, you can be completely cured once you've cured the underlying condition.  If tests conclude you have a brain chemical imbalance, that can be corrected with medicine.  Depression due to loss usually passes in a few months, but requires monitoring by a close friend.  The fact is, there is really no depression that can't be healed in one way or another.  

If you're suffering from depression and feel like you can do nothing, that there's no hope, I want you to do one thing in addition to your doctor's treatment.  I think you'll find it's the most effective way to overcome depression.  Get help from God...He is our help in times of trouble.  If you want His help, just click on Healing From God.

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