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Pregnant women learn the risks of diet during this crucial time, and how to avoid them.  Learn the nutritional goals and resources for a healthy baby and mother.

Effects Of Diet On Pregnant Women

Risks Of Diet During Pregnancy:

Let's start with, I'm not a doctor, and you need one because there are many risk factors between what goes into your body (diet) and what comes out (baby).  Don't follow any advice about pregnancy without consulting a doctor on all the risks and benefits for you and your baby.  Then, follow your doctor's instructions.  This article is just to provide resources and food for thought to develop questions for your doctor.

Just as with tobacco, drugs and alcohol, diet during pregnancy can have a significant effect on you and your baby.  Restrict your diet too much and you and the baby could have abnormal bones and other issues.  Add too many calories and you're looking at the possibility of diabetes or high blood pressure.  It's not good to be too heavy or too light while pregnant.  It's best to begin pregnancy within 15 pounds of your ideal weight. 

When Pregnant Women Need To Lose Weight: 

If you're too overweight when you begin pregnancy, understand this is no time to go on a diet.  You don't have to be attractive when you're pregnant...isn't that how you got that way?  Your doctor can give you a rational program of nutrition and exercise to do the best with where you are.  On average, women should expect to gain 25-35 pounds during pregnancy, but see your doctor for the right amount for you.  If you need to lose weight during pregnancy, only do so with the instructions given to you by your doctor. 

When Pregnant Women Need To Gain Weight:

Overeating and gaining too much weight during pregnancy has as many dangers as under-eating and not gaining enough weight.  If you need to gain more weight than normal, follow your doctor's advice by eating more meals and snacks of good nutritional value.  This is not a time to go "hog wild" and eat anything you want.  If anything, the food you eat during pregnancy should be more carefully chosen for heath.  It's just as easy to addict your child on sugars and fats as speed or heroine...maybe easier.

Optimum Health Diet For Mother And Child:

The ultimate goal of a pregnancy diet is to increase your food to accommodate the needs of the baby, only about 100-300 calories per day of good, nutritious food.   The USDA provides a cool online tailored guide to a normal diet for pregnant women.  All you have to do is plug age and other variables into the calculator and it will give you a dietary plan to discuss with your doctor.   Also, to prevent nutritional deficiencies that may lead to birth defects, the March Of Dimes provides an online guide to choosing a multi-vitamin for pregnancy.  Here's a handy place to buy prenatal vitamins.

The bottom line is, the only diet for pregnant women is the one the doctor recommends you follow.  Weight loss dieting is very risky, and so is using pregnancy as an excuse to eat too much or the wrong things.  If you're "eating for two" make sure one is only about 8 pounds and both are healthy.

If you're looking for optimal health for you and the baby, you probably want all the help you can get.  There is Someone who loves and and is intensely interested in helping you and the baby succeed.  That someone is God.  He can help with everything you both need.  If you want His help, go to Healing From God.

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