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This Tortilla Snack Chips Recipe is part of our Healthy Recipes collection of low-fat, low-salt, high-flavor, well-balanced recipes.  It includes instructions to make 3 different flavors of healthy snack chips.

Healthy Low Fat Tortilla Snack Chips Recipe

Healthy Tortilla Snack Chips Description: 

These tortilla chips are a good low-fat, low-sodium replacement for all those fried chips in the grocery store.  You can have a variety of great flavors with a fraction of the fat and salt of those other chips.  This recipe includes 3 flavor variations, but you can experiment in the spice section of your supermarket for your own favorites.


Corn or Flour Tortillas (corn are lower in fat and higher in fiber)

Unflavored cooking spray

Flavoring powder:  Use Barbeque or Ranch powders from the spice department or mix your own Spicy Nacho powder (1/4 t cayenne pepper, 1/4 t cumin, 1 t paprika, 2 T chili powder...mix thoroughly and put in shaker for sprinkling). 

Cooking Instructions:

Preheat oven to 350.

Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray.

Tear tortillas into 1-2" pieces and place on cookie sheet.  Do not overlap!

Spray tortilla pieces with cooking spray, sprinkle with flavoring powder and spray again.  (sprinkle a small amount of low-fat grated cheese for another tasty variation)

Bake about 5 minutes or until they are a little brown on edges but still a little soft in center.

Remove from oven, cool, place in zip lock bag.

Serve with your favorite salsa.

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