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Healthy Eating-The Law Of A Little discusses a solution to reduce the stress of eating out and entertaining for those who want to follow a healthy diet.

Healthy Eating-The Law Of A Little

Eating healthy often puts us in the difficult position of needing to decide between eating foods that are "bad" for us or not eating.  Whether it's a strict weight loss diet, the carb and fat family recipe our host places in front of us, or the menu at the popular restaurant in town, we are bombarded daily with choices to be healthy or not.  As painful as these choices are, we understand they are not least not immediately.  We'll show how the Law Of A Little can be applied to make these choices less stressful and life, more satisfying.

Healthy Eating-The Diet Prison:

Most of us spend our lives either in the diet prison or in wonton disregard for our health.  If you're reading this article, you're either in or considering entering the diet prison.  You know you're in diet prison when you discover where to apply your weight on the scale to make you weigh the least. This is where all of life becomes dictated by the fine print diet included with our new weight loss program.  Out come the measuring spoons and cups to make sure we have just enough and no more.  Our conversation constantly revolves around the content of salt, fat, carbohydrates, etc. in every bite that enters our mouths.  Whenever we're confronted with an unhealthy food, or even an unknown, we run from the room, screaming, "I can't!  I can't!"  Of course, this makes us the most desirable guests at restaurants and in the homes of friends and family. 

The Unhappy Dinner Guest:

When we're invited to someone's home and a meal is placed in front of us, we can be sure of 3 things:  1.  They slaved over it for hours.  2.  It is the most flavorful and attractive dish they could think of.  3.  It isn't anywhere near healthy.  For example, I grew up when any guest would be pleased at being served a t-bone steak, baked potato, macaroni salad, corn-on-the-cob, garlic bread and overcooked broccoli smothered in cheese sauce, with apple pie and ice cream for desert.  Now, receiving such a meal would fill many of us with conflicting emotions.  We're thrilled at the idea of having so much tasty food we haven't seen in so long.  We know almost none of it meets our healthy eating rules.  Because our friends went to such effort to prepare it, we feel obligated to eat it.  We're left with the choice of offending our friends or feeling guilty for eating things that are not the most nutritious choices.  There is no way we can be happy dinner guests as long as we're following rigid dietary guidelines. 

Cardboard Isn't On The Menu:

Ever heard of the "spit" diet?  You know, the one that says, "If it tastes good, spit it out?"  You can make some pretty healthy choices at good restaurants, but most of what they serve is very high in fat and salt, to add the right flavor and texture to the food.  Most restaurants who avoid salt and fat to be healthy also find they have avoided customers.  So, here we are with close friends at their favorite restaurant.  We're faced with the choice of ordering what they want, what we want or what we should have...if it's on the menu.  There's got to be a better way!

The Law Of A Little:

The better way is the Law Of A Little.  Here's how it works:  You make good, healthy eating choices at the supermarket, in your home and at work.  If you don't bring it home, you've covered 90% of your eating choices.  If you control that, the Law Of A Little is applied to being a guest at someone else's home, eating out at a restaurant or on vacation, or when you're preparing food for someone else.  The Law Of A Little simply states, "A little bit won't kill you."  Now, you're free to enjoy yourself, so, get off your back.  Now, you can actually stay on a healthy eating plan because you know you can splurge occasionally.  Probably the stress you eliminate will more than make up for the extra calories.

A Healthy Life:  Usually, we're seeking something more than just a balanced diet when we choose to eat right.  We want a healthy life...not just a meal.  Such a life requires balance in mind, body and spirit.  You can get help to achieve this balance by the One who designed us...God.  If you want His help to have a healthy life, visit Healing From God.

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