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We continue our approach to health and fitness by enhancing mind body and spirit. Learn to achieve fitness by strengthening and growing your mental, spiritual and bodily health.

Continued From Enhancing Mind Body Spirit

How Do We Enhance Mind Body And Spirit?

First, Do No Harm:  The body part of this is obvious, with advice coming from almost everywhere.  Avoid drug/alcohol abuse, overeating, the wrong foods, extremely risky behavior, etc.  How to avoid doing harm to our mind is a little less obvious.

    We harm our minds in ways we often can't imagine (forgive the pun).  False beliefs we have about ourselves limit and harm us.   The saddest thing I see almost daily are the people who are capable of greatness in their career, relationship, finances, health but who don't believe in their abilities and settle for mediocrity and failure.  We can't accomplish more than we believe we can...we won't even try.  A very good thing to do to keep from harming ourselves mentally is to log all of the false beliefs we have about ourselves and begin eliminating them from our mind.  If you believe you're bad at math, can't remember names, afraid of clowns, can't lose weight, a bad mother, a lousy husband, etc. these things tend to create in your life a reality that backs up the belief.  Other things you think about can be very harmful to you.  Do you dwell on News stories about how bad things are?  Do you think about having an affair outside of your marriage?  Do you feel your career is limited?  Nursing fears and resentments frame how we see everything.  Thoughts are things!  All of them tend to motivate you to make them reality when the opportunity arises.  We discuss this more in Attitude And Health but it's important to fight these kinds of thoughts to have a healthy mind and life.

    We harm our spirits with many of the thoughts in the previous paragraph and more so, when those thoughts take action.  Thoughts about overeating, stealing, cheating, adultery, lying, hurting someone, killing someone, being attacked, etc. all harm our spirits to some extent.  When we take action on those thoughts, we are causing serious harm to our spirit.  Can anyone live a perfect life?...Only one I know of, and it wasn't me.  Still, the less harm we cause our spirit, the more likely we will have a happy, healthy, well-adjusted life.

Second, Enhance Mind Body And Spirit With New Habits:   Much of this website covers habits to enhance your body life, directly, so we won't cover that here.  The true battle to enhance body, mind and spirit takes place almost entirely in the mind.  When counseling someone to help them overcome a harmful addiction or other behavior, I always tell them to keep the fight in the mind.  If you can chase away the thought of eating another cookie before you actually bite into the cookie, you've won the battle.  This may mean avoiding things that remind you of cookies.  The same with every behavior we engage in.  How do we eliminate the thought?  Only by replacing it with another thought.  When the harmful thought comes in, force yourself to think about some harmless thing you enjoy.  Of course, the deeper and more emotional the habit or thought, the harder it will be to retrain yourself to think of something else.  No matter how hard or deep the problem seems, It's possible for most (90% +) to eventually reach a solution through this process. 

Finally, Healing Mind Body And Spirit:  Some people have so damaged their self-belief and weakened their spirit they find it too difficult to escape their problem and need intervention and help from someone stronger and more knowledgeable.  You'll know if you need more help when you try to fight the mental battle for a week or two and see no improvement in your thought life.  These types of problems require more than therapy or nutrition or attitude...they require Spiritual healing, the kind of healing you can only get from the Great Spirit...God.  If your problem is something you'd like God to heal, visit Healing From God

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