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19 Dec 2015
Cases of allergic reactions tend to increase during Christmas, due to the introduction in our diet of products highly allergenic, typical of this era, warns the Spanish society of Allery geology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC), remember that 70% of serious allergic reactions occur when eating away from home, something very common these days. Add meals and dinners, in which the allergic is most exposed to substances concealed in the dishes, and above all should exercise extreme care in children in the consumption of foods such as nuts, seafood, fish or some fruit.

Tips from the Experts

1 remember that the symptoms of an allergic reaction appear within two hours of ingestion of food and the severity varies depending on the amount of allergen ingested, sensitivity of the person and other factors, such as the consumption of analgesics or alcohol. Although they are usually mild, reactions to foods cause between 10% and 50% of the Anaphylaxis treated in emergency. People who know his pathology must remember to carry an adrenaline auto-injector.
2 take care nougat, marzipan and prawn consumption for the first time since they have ingredients hidden among its components. Allergens can hide in typical Christmas preparations and the problem is that at this time of the year many children prove for the first time the nuts of the nougat or seafood.

3. Read Labels When Making the Purchase.

4 clean the artificial firs and check the natural trees. The first accumulate dust and the second trigger allergy to mold, grows on the branches of these trees and triggers allergic episodes.Get An Effective Solution Here www.cureinnature.com/topics/skin-care/

5. The Christmas decorations should be stored in plastic containers which can be cleaned easily, to avoid sensitivity to dust that accumulate storerooms.

6. Monitor the implementation of treatments in patients with respiratory allergies. This pathology is not exclusive of the spring and summer months. For example, pollen from the Arizonian or were they begin their pollination in December and reached their maximum concentrations in January and February. The relatively warm temperatures for the time of year could lead to a major Pollinator of the Cupressaceous.

7. Avoid exposure to irritants such as tobacco, and cold also represents an aggravating factor of asthma.

8. Keep the routine and schedule. Alter them worsens asthma or rhinitis, due to non-compliance with treatments, something which favors the emergence of crisis.

9. Do not alter treatment guidelines agreed with the doctor.

10. Take medication when you leave home or travel. In the case of persons with known food allergies, especially if they are studying with anaphylaxis, it is imperative to always carry with you the adrenaline auto-injector, especially if you make meals away from home.
30 Nov 2015
Wedding photography Brandon Wylie and his wife Nicole spread all over the English-language segment of the "Facebook". The picture shows a black couple just stands in wedding dress against the backdrop of the Park, which will most likely taken place wedding. Unusual it does what the bride pronounced Vitiligo, which she did not hide any make-up.

In fact, the couple were married for another 6 years. Posting a photo, Brandon had not expected that it instantly gains popularity. Only in the evening photo noted 700, but six hours after the publication is already 3000 people. Follow this cureinnature.com/vitiligo-miracle-review-david-paltrow/
Shot suddenly liked the huge number of people with a similar ailment. Because it proves once again that it is not necessary to look like a face on the cover, to be loved. Many users, "Facebook" then wrote Nicole that she gave them hope one day to find his love.

"I answered them basically that, even if you have another, it does not mean that you can't live happily ever after. I hope my confidence spilled over and my three daughters, "says Nicole. Yes, they know that their mother is not, but she always walks with head held high and always beautiful ".
29 Aug 2015
The muscular system must work for his maintenance, strength and muscle mass, when we arrived at adulthood, is something that is easily lost with the passing of the years. This means a deterioration of the metabolism, loss of bone mass and alterations in the balance of the body.Exercises to increase muscle mass should practice altogether. To develop all the muscle groups in a balanced way must work the thighs, chest, back, abdominal and buttocks. Please supplement with exercises for the arms and shoulders to ensure uniform development which will make us look a much more athletic and attractive body.

The ideal to increase muscle mass is to go to a gym, where the instructor guide us about which are the exercises that we should train according to the characteristics of each person in particular. There are many exercises with devices which are very effective and the vast majority of gyms have all equipment required to work all muscle groups in full.

Some of the exercises to increase muscle mass most recommended are:

For legs

In standing position, with legs apart at the same distance between shoulders and straight. We take a weight of 5 kg with your hands and down the trunk by bending the knees, always keeping your back straight. We climbed back up to fully stretch your legs. Two sets of 15 reps each. Follow this Approach and Get Your Solution Here Www.CureinNature.Com

For the buttocks

Lying back, legs bent with your feet against the ground we raise one leg towards the ceiling and climb up hip forcibly with the buttocks up to the fully upright position among the hip and back. Again, two sets of 15 reps each.

Other exercises that you can do in the gym are which can make Bank of pectoral and rowing, these are some of the devices which are very good to increase muscle mass.
9 Aug 2015
Children with allergic diseases are increasing, and especially with asthma. But there's another disease that happens so often and is like asthma of allergic origin. It's called eczema, which is an inflammatory disease of the skin and which also called atopic dermatitis.The issue is that now, new studies have started to link the infantile eczema with asthma, especially in the case of boys. One of the latest studies has proven that children with eczema are twice as likely to develop asthma to middle-aged.

This is not to say that eczema is the direct cause of asthma. But yes is a style of cause effect, i.e. after having eczema occurs a sequence of eczema which then result in nasal allergy and that leads to asthma.Even a solution to this problem, not found because what is known is that eczema appears before the inability of the skin have a barrier that brake agentís allergens. But what is known is that it is one of the best ways to prevent asthma through breastfeeding, a natural and very positive and beneficial for any child solution.Free CureinNature.Com

3 Aug 2015
A diet to relieve hemorrhoids, is important in the overall treatment of the disease. Hemorrhoids can sometimes result from diets that lack fiber. Low fiber diets can cause chronic constipation. Be selective and prepare a diet for hemorrhoids can do much to help prevention.
Go to the home treatments to cure hemorrhoids, can give good results.There are many treatment options available, such as surgery, or home remedies based palan, and a good diet to cure hemorrhoids are the goals, to return to normal. The most important thing about building a diet to cure hemorrhoids, is to include as much fiber as possible.CureinNature.Com

Fiber is found in many foods, including whole-grain foods such as brown rice and cereals, dried fruits. a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole-grain bread. An easy way to increase the fiber content is to eat cereals containing high levels of fiber for breakfast. Fresh foods rather than processed foods are especially important, as food processed often lose much of their nutritional value, as well as its content of vitamins and minerals.

It is important to drink plenty of fresh water, at least 8 glasses per day. Another good idea is to eliminate foods that do not contain fiber.
These foods cause small shaped dry stools that are much more difficult to pass. This also eliminates the effort that takes place, which reduces the formation of hemorrhoids and itching.
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