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The Real Definition Of Attitude

Attitudes are motivations, unseen, and often unexamined deep within us. We all develop these deep motivations so early, we're unaware of the process. Some have suggested that even unborn children are learning attitudes, based on the emotions displayed around them. As we grow, emotional events are recorded in our minds with great importance, forming unconscious motivations for almost every action and reaction later in life. As we live, our experiences either reinforce or alter these motivations. Most of these attitudes are so deeply imbedded, we never have to think of them, but they drive how we think and act, almost like remote control. Attitudes are more obvious under stressful situations, during conflict and under the influence of chemicals, like alcohol. Ever wondered why you behaved badly under a certain condition? My violent father would break things and then hit people when in conflict. Though I vowed never to be that way, I discovered (by destroying our coffee table) that my father had programmed my attitude. Fortunately, I was reading about attitude at the time, so I had, and used, the tools to see to it this never happened again.

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